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Sky Mexico gains 190,000 subscribers in a year
The platform via satellite of payment of the Television Mexican giant reaches the number of 1.640.000 subscribers who accede to their supply through satellite Intelsat 9 in the orbital position of 58º the West

These data in the last suppose an increase of the 190,000 subscribers 12 months, since Sky Mexico had 1.450.000 subscribers to date of 31 of March of 2.007.

Sky Mexico has about 200 codified television channels under sisetma of conditional access Videoguard. The Mexican platform uses 12 transponders of the satellite Intelsat 9 (58º the West) emitting all of them in Ku band with a Symbol Rate of 28800 and one FEC of 3/4.

Some of the channels that Sky Mexico supplies are known in Europe although it is the versions appointed the Central American public. One is channels like Soap operas, Tele-Hit or Canal of Stars, being others.

Sky Mexico initiated its services of pay television under this commercial name the 15 of December of 1996 by means of the digital transmission of televising signals under modality DTH (direct-to-home) via satellite.

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(SatCesc, 28/04/08)

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