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The Israeli satellite Masters 3 is sent successfully
Masters 3 will be located in the orbital position of 4º the West with the aim of replacing the first satellite of the series, the Masters 1, who have remained in active-duty for 12 years

The Russian rocket Zenith with the Israeli satellite of telecommunications Masters 3 was launched this 28 of April successfully from the space-port of Baikonur (Kazajistán).

The launching, that must have carried out days ago was postponed by problems with the transport system that places in incline the rockets, took place to 05,00 GMT.

The satellite will be united in the space to Masters 1 and Masters 2 and will provide transmissions and services of communication of high quality for Europe, the Middle East and the coast This of the United States. The satellite will have a considered life utility of 18 years and will take a load of 250 kg, in comparison to the 160 kg that carry the other satellites Masters.

The launching of Zenith is first of this type of carriers that takes place from Baikonur: until now they were only sent from the floating platform that operates in the Pacific Ocean the international partnership Is Launch.

This year other two launchings of this type of carriers from Baikonur are programmed.


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