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“Hackers” to the service of Rupert Murdoch to sabotage to the competition?
The world of the piracy is extensive. Mainly when the world of computer science one is. Within that field that exceeds the line of legality, but that so many dare to exceed, is the one of the pirateo of the pay televisions

To that question it will have to respond Murdoch before a jury, this month, in California, in a process del that, strangely, nothing comments in the United States.

The case is worthy of a film of Hollywood. Between their protagonists old Bulgarian secret agents, pirate of television Canadian, “hackers” include themselves and Germans, electronic mails robbed and the mysterious suicide of “hacker” Berliner, who had been estimated by the company of Murdoch shortly before his death, according to detail the Web Wired.

The group NDS, one signs Briton-Israeli who makes smart cards for systems of pay television, like DirecTV, is a branch of News Corporation (property of Murdoch). The facts go back to 1997, when NDS is accused “to crackear” the encryption of their NagraStar rival, who made cards of access and systems for “EchoStar's Dish Network” and other systems of pay television. In addition, they allege that NDS contracted “hackers” to make and to distribute pirate cards of NagraStar so that the programming “Dish Network's” could be seen freely.

According to several expert Webs in the matter and according to they have informed average like the Cnn or “The Guardian”, by those years the technology of NDS encryption was undergoing a cascade of attacks of hackers. Nevertheless, Murdoch got to think that everything was a maneuver in the shade of Tecnologies Canal Plus from France. Thus, the American tycoon born in Australia could have glided to give back the same currency to them.

According to one scores in some articles picked up in diverse forums specialized in the matter, are necessary about five million Euros for “hackear” the codification of a system. An amount that can be derisory next to near 101 million dollars that NagraStar hopes to obtain by the damages caused by the piracy, the disloyal competition or the rights of author.

Judge David Or. Carter expressed, after the process began, his fear about which the case would depend on the testimony of transgressors of the law met like “hackers” or pirates, who, in addition, have been employed by the companies implied in the lawsuit. The list of witnesses of the case includes the founder of EchoStar, Charlie Ergen; several “hackers” and hackers, as well as to Reuven Hazak, an Israeli who was in charge of the security of NDS and old deputy director of the “Shabak”, agency of Israeli inner security, the equivalent Briton MI5).

But one of the pieces keys of this puzzle is Christopher Tarnovsky, an engineer in computer science, known in the sector by its talent to decipher the different systems from conditional access that use the pay televisions.

Although not it has tests that can accuse to him directly, to Tarnovsky accuses him presumably to have be recruited in 1999 by NDS so that it broke and it published in Internet the codes of security of the television network of payment Canal Plus and later those of the Swiss group Kudelski SA, that develops the NagraStar system, according to can be read in the Web SatCesc.

This maneuver is key in all the process, since it allowed thousands of people to accede of illegal and fraudulent form to the programming of the chains of payment with the consequent millionaire losses of the platforms.

In the next weeks, Christopher Tarnovsky must appear before the court of California to defend to NDS. Own the computer science one recognizes that “it broke” the coding of cards of Kudelski. For it was contracted by NDS to do it. According to Tarnovsky, “one is an activity that realizes all the companies of the sector”.

(Extracted Article of the World, 29/04/08)