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The satellite Sirius 2 adopts the name of Astra 5A
The satellite property of SES Astra already is totally operative after conducting the operation of displacement from 4,8º This to the new orbital position of 31,5º This

The satellite Sirius 2 was sent to the space in November of 1997 and it was copositioned next to Sirius 3. It is a satellite of high power, that in its previous orbital position was destined basically to cover the Nordic region and the Baltic countries. It is equipped with 32 transponders in band KU and has a useful life expectancy of 15 years, with which already it has covered about ten.

Beam Europe BSS, quite the opposite owns an exceptional cover in Spain with his that its smaller brother, the Sirius 3 that is not accessible in the Iberian Peninsula.

The satellite Sirius 2 changed of orbital position after the entrance to beginnings of this year of new Sirius 3 in 4,8º This. SES Astra has decided to give a new operativity him although at the moment it does not emit any television channel. Some information aim at that its mission will be the one to emit precise technical connections (feeds) destined to the television networks of the east of Europe.

(SatCesc, 30/04/08)

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