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Sixth it yields his signal to local chains
Sixth it has offered to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces the possibility of yielding his signal to the municipal televisions in those populations in which the chain is not seen, in order that Liga of soccer arrives at all the viewers

Sixth it explains that it has reached agreements with different local televisions so that all can see the party of Saturdays in open and free.

The chain, that sent a public supply the past 23 of August to obtain the cession of the audio-visual rights of the soccers match, has misestimated supplies of national and autonomic chains.

It alleges that they offered a simultaneous emission, something that did not contemplate the supply, or that lacked technical possibilities of territorial disconnection that they exclusively assured the diffusion the encounter in the localities that do not have analogical signal of Sixth.

Great populations without signal

The local televisions with which it has closed agreements are: Tele Asturias (that will cover municipalities with the Principality where the signal from Sixth like Covadonga, Degree, Luarca, Llanes or Ribadesella does not arrive); Wave 7 TV (Lorca and lines up of the Guadalentín, in Murcia); Accitania TV (region of Guadix, in Granada); Tele Sanlúcar (Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in Cadiz); Broadcast television of Motril (Motril, Almuñecar and Salobreña, in Granada); Bujaraiza TV (Villanueva of the Archbishop, You see of Segura and Villacarrillo, in Jaén) and TV Utrera (Utrera, Seville).

Through them, the viewers will be able to follow the emissions of Sixth and seeing the next party of League of 9 of September and the following of the First Return of the championship. The chain continues the negotiations with different operators who have presented/displayed supplies.


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