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Uruguay with firm step towards the digital TV under the European norm
The president of the Commission of Digital Television of Uruguay, Luis Ferrari, emphasized the necessity to equip to this country with an appropriate legal frame like previous step the implantation with the digital television

Luis Ferrari, who also is holder of the National Direction of Geology and Mining of the Ministry of Industry, said that the transition will favor the digital inclusion, since the 92 percent of the Uruguayan homes owns a television at least.

“The digital television cannot be more of the same. The supply of programs must more be varied and of better quality to the existing one”, it said to Ferrari during the seminary “Interactive Digital TV: Transference of knowledge and implantation of the Technological Laboratory of Interactive Digital TV (iLab)”.

The president of the Commission said that the opportunity is due to be useful which Uruguay is the unique country of America that has adopted the European norm (DVB), until now.

The economic adviser of the embassy of Spain, Maria Rock, mentioned that the implementation of iLab in Uruguay is an important step of the long process initiated at the beginning of the 2007.

iLab, implemented by the Polytechnical University of Madrid, is interconnected surroundings of test to support and to guide the development of the services, products and interactive applications in the digital television for the companies interested in the sector.

The seminary was realized in the audience of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay by the National Agency of Investigation and Innovation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain and the Embassy of Spain in Uruguay.

(Agencies, 01/08/08)

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