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The OCU denunciation that the contests of TV with telephone 905 are a fraud
The Organization of Consumers and Users invites to flee from the television contests that promote the participation through a telephone 905, that considers an immense fraud

According to the OCU, the 905 it was born to serve of “line of survey and treatment of massive calls”, does not stop to participate in televising contests. This type of contests, that at the moment offers the majority of the television networks, constitutes a “immense fraud”.

According to this organization, unique that they try the chains are to generate the greater call numeral by means of the proposal of games and questions that, in their majority, constitute “an attack to intelligence”.

“In the best one of the cases, that call enters a drawing to be able to accede to the contest, and so that access depends not on that knows or not it answer to the raised question but of the luck and, consequently, on the call numeral that becomes”.

In a note the OCU explains that the televisions use the 905 to avoid the strictest regulation of the 806, through which would be due to offer this type of contests.

The telephones of all the contests belong at the most expensive level of the possible ones: those that as fourth number has a zero or four.

Also, never one inquires into the mechanics of the contest, that “is complex, confused and of impossible understanding, since, in no case, the access del that it calls is directly to the contest but it happens through a series of filters that makes the participation very improbable”.

The OCU denounces, against this background, that the programs announce as if they were emitted in direct when, as a rule, it is acceded to a recording that simply animates to return to call, although then the presenter is denying in screen the existence of calls.

“Also, and this could constitute a swindle, because some of the participation telephones remain open outside the schedule of the program”. The association is sorry that this “new abuse with the consumers takes place without from the Secretariat of State of Communications is found with forcefulness to control” these services.

“The 0.152 Euros that Property takes of each one of the calls cannot never justify a so worrisome level of inaction”, adds.

The OCU has gone to the SETSI and the National Institute of Consumption to denounce the lack of transparency in the information of these services, being solicitd that investigate the possible irregularities of these contests.

(Efe, 06/08/08)

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