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Venezuela will send its satellite within three months
Minister of Science and Tecnología of Venezuela, Nuris Orihuela, advances that its country will send to the satellite Simon Bolivar, first of a chain oriented towards the social benefit of the communications

During her intervention in the presidential program Aló President, the minister assured that the project already is in the final straight line, and showed that “she has worked very hard” so that this year the entrance of the first Venezuelan satellite takes place in good condition.

“We will have a platform that illuminates our territory, part of the Caribbean and Suramérica or almost all Suramérica, that means satelite capacity to be able to make all type of programs of social order”, declared the minister.

“The connectivity will already not be the limit, because whenever is born a project of this order is when we want to take television transmitters to the regions, radio transmitters, telemedicine, teleducación, rural telephony, and other programs for the community”, it added Orihuela.

Innovating project

In interview with the Minci, Orihuela emphasized that this project is an historical initiative from the technological point of view.

“It is the beginning of a transformation process will take that us at other levels of handling of the information and will allow to make of the integration processes a true tool. It is a Venezuelan project for the humanity”, expressed.

The satellite has a value of 240 million dollars, an investment that, according to the minister, represents an advance in the educative, social aspect, of the health, the economy and the sovereignty.

“It is an investment that could be done with other countries, but with the China Republic the dividends in technology and learning, are worth the investment well”, needed.

It emphasized that one of the benefitted areas will be the national libraries, that will constitute an operative way in real time for the education.

“We will have 24 TV channels and 24 of radio, the amount of money that we paid by infocentros, networks of telecommunication and others, are costosísima, we are going away to favor enormously with the acquisition of this satellite”, maintained.

Orihuela also confirmed that the launching of the satellite “allows us to have communicational independence, and the best thing is than we are going to take our signal to all the corners where they wish to receive it”.

(Telesur, 06/08/08)

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