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The Spanish Government discards the TDT of payment
The vice-president first of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez of the Fertile valley, affirms that the TDT of payment is not in the forecasts of the Government, while it remembered that the Executive yes has announced a new General Law Audiovisual to order the sector

The chief of a main directorate of Impels TDT, Andres Arms, thinks that the option of the digital television of payment “never” will be a “majority option” for the chains, in case the Government regulates this model of television finally.

To the time, he defended that “the essential supply (of digital television) in will be abierto and later it will be added itself to him extra”.

In this sense, he explained that “probably there will be a fragmentation of the market, with spectators more demanding than they are arranged to pay by new services like the high resolution”.

Thus, he affirmed that “it is impossible that everybody that is interested in the TDT wants to see payment options”. For this reason, he indicated that this system of “pay Rep view” will not be “key” in the digitalization.

The manager considers that the arrival of payment contents “could serve so that a part of the market acts with more diligence in the contents”. However, it stood out that the “last decision” to give “green light” to this system corresponds to the Government.

“It is a technical possibility that still it is not regulated and, if someday one takes place, the administrations will have to communicate it to the citizens to make clear very well that the TDT will not be a payment solution exclusively”, explained.

Also, Arms affected the necessity to regulate the arrival of the high resolution to the TDT. The director of this association esteem that in “two or three years” will be ready the regulation of Alta Definición (HD) and remembered that in other countries or it is implanted in the television by satellite, cable or ADSL.

With respect to the TDT of mobility, he explained that one is a new model that still “is open” to the operation by part as much of agents of the sector of the telecommunications like of the television. Nevertheless, in their opinion, this possibility “would have to be operated by the televising world”.

(Agencies, 06/08/08)

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