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Record of hearing of Disney Channel in its first month of emission in open
Disney Channel has obtained a hearing record settling down as well as the infantile channel more seeing in Spain since 38.4% of have chosen to the children to see it in the month of July

Also its programming created for children and their families has helped him to arrive at one from each four Spaniards.

The page Web of Disney Channel in Spain ( also has seen increased its popularity, attracting almost to a million unique users.

Throughout the month of Disney Channel July it has obtained an average quota of screen of 8.3% in children of ages between the 4 and 12 years, and 1.3% for total individual ones, in homes with thematic channels, multiplying thus his quotas month to month by 6 and 9 respectively.

The channel afternoon leads the hour strips of the noon and between week (from the 14,00 and to the 20,30) and the complete week ends from the 06,30 to the 23,30 between the individuals majors of four years.

Seeing between week as of the hour is the channel more to eat (from 14,00 to 24,00) and number one the ends week in children of 4 to 12 years. The programming of Disney Channel counts on the absolute endorsement of its hearing.

Until the 1 of Disney Channel July he was available exclusively through payment platforms, but now the spectators only need a tuner TDT to accede to the channel.

With the realized launching the last month, the channel is within reach of 32% of the Spanish homes that have a TDT decoder and continues being present in around 3.5 million paid homes to pay television. It is hoped that the channel is one of the elements of greater weight in the implantation of platform TDT in Spain, that will replace the terrestrial analogical television and it will become the unique format of abierto emission in 2010, arriving at all the Spanish homes.


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