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Proposal so that the TV autonomic has national cover
The senator of the PSOE by the Balearics, Xavier Ramis, will present/display in September a proposal to carry out the possibility that the emission of all the autonomic chains can be seen in all the territories of the country

Ramis advanced that this proposal practically is finished and that in the beginning of the following course will present/display political it in the Senate. “What we want it is that all the televisions can be visible of some form in each territory”, it added.

The parliamentary initiative has as it bases to eradicate that a so great separation between the communities” with respect to the specific information exists “on the questions of interest of each autonomy, at the same time as tries to approach the culture and the language of each community when constituting a these fundamental part of the Patrimony of the country.

In addition, it stressed the suitability of this proposal, that it tries to show in his opinion against the vision of the languages like an element of separation of the State undertaken from preservative sectors, the initiative will show all the citizens who are an element of wealth of the country.

As a example, the socialist senator put the case of the Fiscal Balances, since after their publication practically all the communities indicated that they were harmed by his monetary flows, but however existed a “ignorance than it happened in other territories”.

Ramis indicated that the national televisions “do not lower to the so specific levels of information” as in the case of the autonomic beings, reason why praised the convenience of which the “celebrations, culture and language” of each community can be visible in all the zones of Spain.

“Channels there are many and we are studying different routes, it is by Internet, it is via satellite or to create --since perhaps it is the most practical idea-- channel in that each community independent can to emit his programs that considers more interesting, so that all the citizens can see what happens in other autonomies”, added the senator.

Visit of the Basque senators 

Also it assured that its trajectory in the Senate is being “very interesting” and in which it has stated the ability to work for the citizens who offer General Cortes. On the matter, it advanced that the socialist territorial group of senators of the Basque Country will go in September to the islands to visit the Consell of Majorca, the autonomic Government and the City council of Palm.

The autonomic senator stressed that this measurement is “innovating” and “pioneer” since is the first time that a territorial group goes to the islands to know its singularities own. In this way, Ramis tries that the representatives of the Basque Country know by their own means the questions that affect the Balearics and to fortify the relations with a community with which a direct bonding was not had.

“A as important group Is an innovating situation that as the socialist group in the Basque Country goes to our islands and we pruned to share impressions on aspects that affect both communities as it can be the policies in the matter of territory”, it emphasized Ramis.

Also it clarified that the visit will not be reduced to the institutional aspect but also they will occur to know activities enterprising that are being carried out in the Balearics, for which a visit to the municipality of Puigpunyent will be programmed, the locality that more percentage of residues recycle of all Spain --82% of which it produces--.

For this reason, one will occur to know the senators the Basque Country initiatives like the project park recycling that is impelled from the municipality --and that is also in phase of procedure with the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Means-- to see the possibility that propose as this one can have transfering in their community.

It is possible to also remember that Ramis initiated a round of contacts between different consellerias from the Govern in order to show the virtues to appear in the General Commission of Independent Communities of the Camera to show the problematic own financier of the Balearics.

(EP, 11/08/08)

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