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The TVE bets by the Channel 24 hours
The renovation in 24 Hours will begin in October with changes of plate, scenery, graphism, and with the newness of an informative newspaper to 11 at night, that it combines information with interviews, analysis and opinion

The channel 24 Hours will be the great protagonist of the next season in the TVE news area, where an informative newspaper to 11 will be released at night, is going away to experience more to equip to him with personality and, for that, Valentin has contracted itself Juan Pedro, said the news director of the TVE, Fran Llorente.

“Where we are going to experiment plus the next season is in the Channel 24 hours, because there is strategically to position it in view of the fragmentation that is going away to produce within two years with, as the optimists say, the “analogical ignition””.

He added that “the TVE must position itself with powerful an informative channel, a channel of powerful sports and a cultural channel and is necessary to begin when before because this one is a project to two years and the 24 Hours it is necessary to give a nut return him to equip to him with personality”.

With this intention “I convinced to Juan Pedro Valentin so that he got up the TVE. He was in a management paper and added many things to consider him the person suitable: experience, to which capacity of organization of equipment is added, enterprise management and are present in screen”.

(Efe, 11/08/08)

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