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Channel 9 initiates the emissions in TDT in period of tests in Catalonia
The public television Valencian Channel 9 initiates, in period of tests, its emissions by channel 43 of the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) in Catalonia

Emission realizes by means of agreement between Radiotelevisión Valencian (RTVV) and Corporation Catalan of Medio Audiovisuales (CCMA), that is the first passage for the company/signature of a reciprocity agreement that is to guarantee the distribution of the signal of TV3 in the coverage area of Channel 9, have informed sources into the Valencian public being.

In agreement with the conversations maintained between the governments Valencian and Catalan, one is due to make effective as soon as it is possible the company/signature of the reciprocity agreement that must also guarantee the normalization of the distribution of the signal of TV3 in the coverage area of Channel 9.

Channel 43 covers near 60% of the population of Catalonia and it is possible to be seen in the Barcelonian, the Baix Llobregat, Valle's and in the Maresme.

Concretely, the signal is emitted from the centers of the Tower of Collserola, Cabrils-Mataró, Calella, Arenys de Munt (I and II), Llavaneres, Argentona, Canet, Heatings d'Estrac, Sant Pol of Sea, Teià, Dosrius, Òrrius and Alella.

In order to emit Channel 9, Televisió de Catalonia will reshape the multiplex second of the TDT to incorporate 9 Channel and one retort of the analogical signal of Channel 33, besides the signals that it at the moment emits of TV3 and channel 3/24.


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