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Multi-channel it is prepared to change of codification in autumn
The rumors of some time ago in an action are confirmed in which the distributer of channels of prestige like Hollywood, Odyssey or Channel of History, wants to eliminate the piracy

In an official letter sent to the cable operators by the chief of a main directorate of Multi-channel Chello, one inquires that next it will be come to the change of codification of the supply of channels that are emitted through Hispasat (30º the West). Of this form the present system of conditional access Nagravisión 1 by the one of Nagravisión 3 will give in.

In fact, this same vestibule the past informed month into March that small cableoperadores had complained in multiple occasions of the piracy that affects Multi-channel. One is networks of distribution of television by cable in Spain that showed, although is secretly, the malaise to have to pay by channels that use a system of vulnerable codification

Although they have not wanted to make it nor official public, the certain thing is that several Spanish line communication companies (mainly of the South zone) had shown their malaise due to having to pay by the contents that they distribute, whose channels are pirateados for a long time through the reception by satellite.

We are speaking of channels of prestige like Hollywood, Odyssey and History, among others, that emit through Hispasat satellite 1C (30º the West) in the frequency 11.535-V MHz (MR. 24500, FEC 5/6), codified under the system of conditional access Nagravisión. They are channels that do not supply of direct form but their proprietors, Multi-channel Chello commercializes, them for the mesh wirings, by satellite (Digital+) or other systems.

Ahotra and with the announced change to the system Nagravisión 3, Multi-channel wants once and for all to put brake to the illicit practices that allow the illegal access of their contents.

(SatCesc, 13/08/08)

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