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The regulator of the USA promotes the change to the digital television
The regulators of communications of the United States will take next the six months to inform to the viewers of the next digital television change

Members of the FCC (FCC by its abbreviation in English) will attend meetings and events public in 80 cities of all United States, in a effort to promote the change to the DS from the traditional system the 17 of February.

“We have the intention to take any measurement necessary to continue trying to diminish the weight that will support consuming the average in the country,” the president of the FCC, Kevin said Martin, in an encounter with journalists.

He enters now and the date limit, five commissioners of the FCC will realize visits to cities that go from Atlanta to Chicago and Anchorage in Alaska to the Passage in Texas.

The campaign also could include “smooth” tests in which the television stations would replace their analogical signals, to determine if briefly the consumers are ready for the change, said the agency.

The Congress ordered the change to the digital television to release public waves for other uses, like for the police or the departments of firemen. The change also will offer better images and sound for the viewers.

The transition is being followed close by because the proprietors of analogical televisions will not be able to watch, unless they subscribe to the satellite, to the digital cable, replace his televisions by one digitalis or have a convertidora box.

The federal Government is financing the cost to buy the receiving digitalis-analogical converter offering coupons of discount by 40 dollars to whatever he owns an analogical television.

(Reuters, 20/08/08)

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