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Hustler TV projects to send the German version of its channel for adults
The Dutch operator of exclusive television channels for the adult public, Sapphire Average International B.V, studies to send to the German version of his pornographic channel Hustler TV

The operator already has requested the license to the average regulator of German with the aim of being able to commercialize the Hustler chain TV in the Germanic country.

The channel would be supplied to the mesh wirings of television, as well as to the platform via Premiere satellite, that in fact already has several chains dedicated to the adult public, as it is the case of Blue Movie

Average Sapphire is also responsible for another channel, in this case with a programming of sex soft, like is Blue Hustler, but that unlike Hustler TV only emits in schedule nocturne. In fact both channels are available in several European platforms of payment. This it is the case of Digital the Sky Briton (BSkyB), being necessary an additional installment of 5.99 monthly pounds sterling to accede to his signal. France or Portugal also distributes to Hustler TV, not thus, at the moment Spain.

Hustler TV is a chain for adults that belongs to the famous Larry Flint, known by its Hustler magazine, that emits all films X of success with famous protagonists and actresses and famous producers.

Hustler TV and Blue Hustler emits their original signal through satellite Sirius 4 (4,8º This), codified under the system of conditional access Cryptoworks. The signal of this satellite serves as it connects ténico of distribution to all the operators and platforms in which a previous agreement of commercialization exists.

Image of Hustler TV

(SatCesc, 20/08/08)

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