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250.000 French defraud in the television canon
The number ascends to 116 annual Euros, destined to finance the television channels and radio public, according to the last data of the Gallic National Audit Office

Nevertheless, that number reflects a spectacular diminution of the fraud from year 2005, since the number of those who retracted the payment of the televising canon got to both surpass million proprietors of television sets.

In fact, in 1999 it was considered that 10.9% of the homes did not fulfill the obligation to pay the televising canon, whereas now they are only 1.25% of the total.

To the diminution of the fraud from 2005 it has contributed the reform that entered that year in force and by virtue of which the second residences were exentos as much of the payment of the canon as 700,000 homes of modest income.

Another factor that has played in the reduction of the fraud is that now, in the declaration of the rent, there is a square in which is precise to point out if the declaring one owns or not a television. Of that way, the control can be confined to 1.1 million homes that declare not to have a television set.

(Servimedia, 21/08/08)

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