The digital television will live a great boom in the next years
The television by satellite will have a very moderate growth, in particular of a 5.5% per year to reach around the 86 million homes towards the 2012, according to a study

The digital television will grow of excessively during next the two years in Europe Occidental and the United States, according to is come off one of the last information of Datamonitor, that also reveals that for year 2012, 274 million homes of these zones of the planet will have this type of television.

Within the different options from digital television, it will be the IPTV (television by Internet through protocol IP) the one that will half show to the annual growth more fort until 2012. In fact, its ratio of growth is placed in around 28% every year and will almost reach the 23 million homes towards the 2012.

Also, and according to the forecasts of the same report, the television by satellite will show one more a rise more moderate, in particular of a 5.5% per year to reach around 86 million houses towards the 2012.

As far as the television by cable and the terrestrial digital television (TDT), after the 2012 they will reach the 50 respectively and the 30 milones of homes.

At the end of year last, 54% of the homes of Europe and the United States had of some form on watch digital television. One is data, that according to the report, will increase until 88% towards the end of 2012.

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(SatCesc, 25/08/08)

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