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From Soria ones satisfied with the evolution with the project of the TDT did not register any problem of cover in the province of Soria since the past 23 of July the analogical blackout took place to take step to the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT)

Ever since the 23 of July the cease of the analogical televising emissions was carried out, within the framework of the pilot project “Soria TDT”, the technicians, displaced in more than 10 occasions to realize verification measures in zones with incidence, did not detect any failure of signal.

In this sense, 570 incidences, that they have to do, in their majority were registered, with problems in the reception of the television signal, solved with the reorientation of the receiving antenna of user to another emitting center or with the improvement of the antenna installation. Also requests of receivers of TDT for special groups were received, that have been solved with the installation of the apparatus.

Finally, some of the homes including in the project had difficulties in the reception or tuning of certain channels, solved with the improvement of the installation or the correct tuning of the channels.

Also 1,700 telephone calls of the citizens affected by the project were received, in their majority informative consultations on the use of receiver TDT, the tuning or the order of the channels. Of these consultations, more of 95% they were solved successfully in less than 24 hours, thanks to the operative Plan of Contingency.

This Plan contemplates, among others measured, the activation of more than 30 installers of telecommunications, the permanent supervision of the availability of the DS or the put into operation of a telephone of specific attention to users (901 201 004).

The pilot project of transition to digital television terrestrial TDT realized in Soria guarantees the digital cover in all the geographic zones including, altogether 162 localities, and that had cover of analogical television previously.

In those populations that did not receive the analogical signal previously, they did or it with a very low quality, and where the new terrestrial DS does not arrive either, it has been come to install a novel receiver via satellite. Thus, applying a sharpshooting technology developed by the national industry specifically for the project, their conditions of reception and availability of the service of television could be improved.

(EP, 26/08/08)

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