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To pillage to the cheater
This Web denounces the copy publicly behaved shamelessly, without scruples and torticera of certain Spanish publication that benefits illicitly from the work of the others

It is not first, nor the nth time that this publication in format digital and dedicated to the television via “full” satellite its informative spaces copying the news of other Webs, without mentioning sources nor nothing similar.

The drop that has overwhelmed the glass we found it in the news of the month of August of, concretely regarding “Poland will be the first country of the old continent that will emit BBC HD Europe”.

In spite of being warned in multitude of occasions, the cheating Web has made ears deaf of our such claims. Knowledgeable that to the cheater is ended up discovering to him, we prepared a trap to them, trap to which immediately fell when doing a copy and beats of the mentioned information.

This news at issue could be read correctly through our Web but through a special codification whatever it made the typical copy and it beats was with results nonwished. Said in other words: in order to be able to copy which was necessary to transcribe it letter by letter with the “arduous one” and “the so laborious” news work that it supposes, skipping any legal or ethical norm, written and not written of the journalistic sector.

Trap is not the value of the “news”. He is totally repudiable by the good of the sector of the information of the digital television via satellite that a certain Web, considered like number 1 of the sector (so they say), removes a benefit from the work from the others.

To be thankful excessively of the numerous received samples of support in these last days before the nonsense of this publication, whose credit and credibility are in prohibition.

If they want to verify, in situ, because of our denunciation, we invited to him to visit the following connection. One is a already nonexistent page in the network after being present during almost 72 hours, and that we recovered it here like test: It presses here:

And this is the version updated 72 hours after the denunciation with the realized rectifications and that yes, maintaining the copy and beats. That each serve its conclusion: It presses here

(SatCesc, updated the 30/08/08)

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