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ONO closes the first semester with benefits of 20 million
The cable operator closed the first semester of the year with a net benefit of 20 million Euros, that are compared with the net losses of 200 million Euros registered in the same period of 2007

The invoicing of ONO ascended to 809 million Euros in the semester, which is translated in a reduction of 0.3% with respect to the same period of 2007, “in spite of the increasing slowing down of the economy”, whereas the gross result of operation (Ebitda) reached the 343 million Euros, a 11.2% more.

“We are conscious that we move in a more and more adverse market, for that reason we are preparing ourselves to continue giving the best services to our clients and to maintain our margins of efficiency”, recognized the delegated adviser of ONO, Richard Alden.

The company emphasized that it maintains its policy destined to reduce nonprofitable businesses (like the residential and corporative indirect access) and to develop the residential business of direct access, that increased to its invoicing a 4.9%. In addition, it closed month of June with 1.88 million residential clients, a 3.6% more than the first semester of 2007.

ONO finalized the semester with a total of 3.95 million sold products, which is translated in a growth of 8.6% with respect to the same period of the previous year, with an average of 2.09 products contracted by residential cable client, a 4.8% more.

During the second trimester, it caught 41,000 new clients of television, broadband 31,000 and 14,500 of telephony, so that it closed the semester with 1.05 million television clients, a 16.4% more, 1.27 million broadband clients, a 10.9% more, and 1.63 million fixed telephony, a 2.4% more.

In addition, play” in the trimester reached a total of 619,000 clients of “triple, the supply that combine television, telephone and Internet, a 7.7% more than in the same period of 2007. At the moment, the clients of “triple play” represent 32.7% of the total portfolio of the operator.


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