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Digital+ only caught 6% of new clients of the payment TV until June
After a bad year in 2007, Ono resurges and obtains 92,000 users, 46% of the total, relegating to Telephone and their Imagenio service to the third position, with a 32.5%

Digitalis +, the business of pay television by satellite that the audio-visual group Haste wants to sell, as soon as it was able to catch six of each one hundred of the new clients of pay television who have obtained themselves during the first semester of the year. This yield is worse than obtained throughout the 2007, when it managed to take control of 8% of the new clients of pay television in Spain.

The company quickly caught 13,000 new clients in the first semester, although, in fact, the evolution is a little worse as far as its tendency, since it obtained 15,000 more in the first trimester, whereas in the second it lost 2,000 and it closed the semester with 2.080.000 users.

Suspended from 2004

The audio-visual group controlled by Haste is suspended in its pick up of clients. Sogecable stays with around both million payment users from 2004, when it closed with 2.09 million subscribers. Since then, it has not raised head in the payment business. It closed exercise 2005 with 1.96 million users, who rose slightly up to 2.04 in 2006 and 2.06 million in 2007. The problem is that Sogecable manages to catch clients to good rate, but loses also them at the same speed, seduced by the new interactive supplies.

Ono, leader in pick up

On the contrary, the one that has undergone a remarkable jump with respect to 2007 is group Ono the cable, that, with 92,000 new users, has obtained almost 43% of the discharges in the trimester. Overcome the integration problems that colapsaron their pick up in the summer of 2007 - during all the last year, it only obtained 40,000 new users, 15% total of the market, between January and June of 2008, it has seduced 92,000 new users with his supply of payment TV.

Telephone it grows, but less

The main victim of the resurrection of Ono is Telephone, that in 2007 devastated, obtaining almost 50% of the high totals, with 128,000 new users. Now, although she maintains the same rate - she takes 65,470 clients in the semester, his percentage on the high totals has lowered to 30.5%. That is to say, she continues growing the same rate that in 2007, but now the market generally goes more quickly, so its relative position is worse.

The other pleasant surprise is Orange, the branch of France Télécom, that, with his almost 38,000 new users, has taken control of 17.7% of the new market and is on the verge of surpassing the first 100,000 clients with its Orange supply TV of television by ADSL.

(Expansion, 06/08/08)

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