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The emissions of TVE-HD in Digital+ begin
For the first time in their history, JJOO can see in High resolution in Spain thanks to the channel in High resolution TVE-HD, that can be in tune in dial 111 of Digital+

The TVE HD will allow to enjoy the subscribers the platform who have the terminal of new generation iPlus of an image of greater quality and resolution in the emission of the competitions of the Olympic Games, which will make possible that they catch details that are imperceptible in the conventional signal.

New channel TVE-HD begins its emissions this Wednesday 6 of August, from 10:50 h, with the emission of the encounter of feminine soccer that will dispute the selections of Germany and Brazil.

The spectators who choose the channel of the TVE of High resolution to see the Olympic Games of Beijing - that will be easily identifiable because the logo of the channel will appear of unique form in the screen will be able to enjoy 24 hours to the day of the possibility that offer the HD televisions to see the JJOO with a sound and image of high quality.

PROGRAMMING OF TVE-HD (dial 111 of Digital+)


10:50 h feminine Soccer: Germany-Brazil (DIRECT)
13:45 h feminine Soccer: China-Sweden (DIRECT)
15:30 h feminine Soccer: Argentina-Canada
17:15 h feminine Soccer: Nigeria North Korea
19:00 h feminine Soccer: Germany-Brazil
20:45 h feminine Soccer: China-Sweden
22:30 h feminine Soccer: Argentina-Canada
00:15 h feminine Soccer: Nigeria North Korea


10:50 h masculine Soccer: The Japan-USA (DIRECT)
13:45 h masculine Soccer: Holland-Nigeria (DIRECT)
15:30 h masculine Soccer: Honduras-Italy
17:15 h masculine Soccer: Korea of South-Cameroun
19:00 h masculine Soccer: The Japan-USA
20:45 h masculine Soccer: Holland-Nigeria
22:30 h masculine Soccer: Honduras-Italy
00:15 h masculine Soccer: Korea of South-Cameroun


10:00 h outstanding Encounter of feminine soccer of day 6
12:00 h outstanding Encounter of masculine soccer of day 7
14:00 h Ceremony of Opening (DIRECT)
17:35 h Repetition Ceremony

(NP, 06/08/08)

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