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The TVE will count on eight channels in 2010
In 2010, date of the analogical blackout, the two TVE will have multiplex with eight programs or channels, one of them in High resolution, according to establish the Contract Program

Of this form, the supply of the public chain will be distributed between channels “the TVE 1”, “the 2”, “Channel 24 Hours”, “Clan the TVE”, “Teledeporte”, “Channel Culture” - still provisional name, “the TVE HD” (High resolution) and “the TVE the International”, that will be able free of charge to be tuned in the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT) and some cases by means of the satellite and the cable.

The present channels “Docu the TVE” and “Classic Channel” will disappear as such in 2010 and integrate in the emissions of the new channels “Culture” and “High resolution”.

According to Program is described in the Contract, the programming of the channel “High resolution” “will be centered basically in divulging, cultural and sport contents that are programmed in the corresponding channels of the supply of RTVE and produced in High resolution, and in those others that can adapt to this technology”.

On the other hand, “the Cultural” channel, whose denomination is still provisional, will be able to begin to see itself already in 2009 and will be cultural the thematic channel of the TVE and, in agreement with the forecasts of the Contract Program, “it will until now replace the operative Classic Channel, with emission 24 hours and quality of image, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture”.

In the hope that the budget is known that is to allow to develop to the Contract Program, the Council of Administration has already approved eight Annexes, of which first he is dedicated to detail the supply of the TVE.

Besides the supply of television, the Contract Program also includes those of RNE, with six transmitters - “Radio 2”, “Classic Radio”, “5 Radio 3”, “Radio 4”, “Radio” and “Outer Radio” - and the programmings of the Orchestra and Choir of RTVE and of the Official Institute.

(the World, 06/08/08)

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