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Telephone it announces tests of three-dimensional television in Brazil
The Telephone Spanish group assures that it will begin to prove in Brazil a system of three-dimensional television through Internet, that will work with a television especially designed by the Philips multinational

“With luck, we will even begin the tests in Brazil before in Spain”, it declared to the agency Been the director of Telephone Investigation and Development, branch of investigations of the company.

The system will be proven through TVA, operator of Brazilian television in Telephone which it has participation and that is prepared to start up the service known like IPTV (video through Internet for televisions).

The tests will begin this same year in the rich paulistano district of Jardims, that already counts on the necessary optical fiber networks for the transmission, indicated State.

The unique obstacle for the paulistanos is that, at the moment, it will only be possible to accede to the system with a television developed especially by Philips, whose price today is of about 18,000 Euros.

However, the multinational of Dutch origin trusts that the apparatus will be more cheap in the future near. “Within three or four years it will be much more accessible to the consumer”, declared to State Renato Secco, director of Philips in Brazil.

One of the particularitities of the novel system of television is that the user will not require of special lenses, as it happened with the projected three-dimensional films in rooms of cinema.

According to State, the lenses in fact have been incorporated directly to the screen of the television designed by Philips, that “creates the illusion of the three dimensions” in the human eye.

(Agencies, 13/08/08)

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