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They ask if RTVE will emit in High resolution through the TDT
United left question to the Council of Administration of RTVE on if plans exist to emit in High resolution in TDT, once two the public channel has multiplex, as of year 2010

Question, formulated by deputy Gaspar Llamazares, was realized on the occasion of which the Olympic Games of Beijing are being offered in High resolution in the platforms of payment Imagenio and Digital+, which they emit by means of the cable and the satellite, and not by the TDT.

In the argumentation of its question, LLamazares remembers that the president of the Corporation, Luis Fernandez, in his appearance the 18 of December, had affirmed that the Games would emit in High resolution through the TDT.

IU criticism that was realized east announcement and that then, by technical reasons - to emit in this system, that requires more bandwidth, it would be necessary to temporarily suppress some of the other channels of the TVE not would fulfill when that technical limitation “already was well-known when to become serious the commitment”.

However, IU recognizes that to this another difficulty nonimputable to the TVE, which had is united to that the immense majority of the receivers of TDT, integrated or not in the receiver, do not allow to the reception of signals in High resolution.


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