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Uruguay will be able to use the new Venezuelan satellite
Uruguay will be able to have the Venezuelan satellite Simon Bolivar as of 2009, by virtue of an agreement by means of which east country yields to Venezuela the use of its orbit

The investment will be of U$S 141 and will be the responsibility of Venezuela. Uruguay will not have to contribute any economic amount. The agreement will allow the Uruguayan government, among other things, to extend the cover of Channel 5.

According to they have explained from sources of the government of Uruguay, with this agreement “will be possible noticeably to be improved the communications in the country with a cost zero”. In addition, “the main benefits will result in the access to Internet in the countryside and schools where today this technology is not had”.

On the other hand, the general manager of the Ursec, Juan Piagio, said that all the costs in the agreement will be the responsibility of Venezuela. “The expenses of the proceedings, the formation of the personnel and the construction of a tower of monitoring in Uruguay that will be under the orbit of Antel will be paid for by Venezuela”, indicated. Piagio, needed “that although the satellite could have manifolds uses, it will not be destined for private companies. The satellite will do of connection for the data transmission with all the embassies of Uruguay in America”.

Channel 5, also will benefit with the satellite Simon Bolivar. According to Piagio explained, will have a very good cover at national and international level. “With this agreement the state channel will be able to transmit in simultaneous between our country and Honduras”, affirmed jerarca.

The Venezuelan government proposed east agreement in 2005 because he did not have an orbit available and Uruguay did not use hers. In the same, one settled down that Venezuela granted 10% of the capacity of the satellite for Uruguay without no cost. The Gran company Wall of China initiated by the end of 2005 the manufacture of the satellite. They hope to transmit 24 signals of television and 24 radio transmitters for about 15 countries of America.

(Several, 20/08/08)

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