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Mezzo will send an own version for Holland
It will be a version in Dutch language destined to the market of the television of the Netherlands and that will begin to be a reality from next the 1 of December

Mezzo, before Muzzik, was one of the first musical chains of the digital television satellite, when this one began in his first passages in the middle of the past decade of years 90.

The French platform Channel Satellite Numerique, now CanalSat, was first in incorporating the exquisite programming of Muzzik, that arranges classic music, the opera or the jazz, among others sorts and that over the years have been winning adept. After its presence in France, the Spanish Digital Satelite channel, now Digital+, would end up also it incoporando, to the present time, even with the name change that later it would have.

In fact, the Mezzo chain supply in some European platforms like an independent option. The platform via Digi satellite TV, that emits its contents through satellite Intelsat 10-02 (1º the West), has been one of the last ones in incorporating it.

Now, their people in charge announce the beginning from a first of December own version of Mezzo destined to the Netherlands, in Dutch language reason why the French or the English no longer will be the unique languages with which this channel will be able to be followed. The platforms Channel Digitaal Satelliet i TV Vlandeeren with complete certainty will include in their supply the new version in Dutch of Mezzo.

Image of Mezzo

(SatCesc, 20/08/08)

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