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The USA criticism the emission of the television To Manar in Indonesia
The USA criticism that To Manar, including in the list of terrorist organizations of department of the North American from 2006 and prohibited State in Spain and France, continues emitting its programming in Indonesia

“The television network To Manar, its company mother and its branchs, conform a recognized arm of Hizbolá, an organization described as terrorist by multiple antiterrorist authorities”, explains Tristam Perry, person in charge of Press of the embassy of the USA in Yakarta.

Perry blames A Manar (literally, the Light) to take advantage of its programming to make vindication of the terrorism and to promote the violence in Indonesia, the country with greater Muslim population of the world.

The American administration, adds Perry, “stays signs against the operation of mass media to promote terrorist acts, including the diffusion of contents that they urge the violence of imminent form or which they can produce violence”.

The North American critic is not directed so much against Indosat, the operator who is including in his package “Palapa C2” to the channel of Hizbolá, like against the Indonesian State, that has 14% of the capital of the company and capacity of I veto in its advice of administration.

Perry confirms that the American embassy already “has made” the Indonesian Executive contributor of its position, and reiterated that “it will continue expressing his preoccupation publicly”.

On the other hand, the Indonesian Government has reduced importance to the question reducing it to a mere commercial operation. “He is not between the attributions of the Government taking part in enterprise agreements”, trenches Indonesian minister of Communications and Información, Muhammad Nuh.

According to the European Commission, To Manar, founded on Beirut in 1991, he belonged politically to the Shiite group cultural Hizbulá “and from its conception”, although officially he comprises of the company Lebanese Average Group.

To Manar he stopped emitting in 2004 in Europe, after the Council of French State, endorsed by the European Commission (CE), would force the Gallic supplier to him to cut the emission. The EC alleged then that the channel promoted “hatred”, “racism” and “the xenophobia”.

Shortly after, the Hispasat satellite also stopped transmitting the signal of this Lebanese chain, and so its reception in Latin America was cut.

Although five years ago To Manar it was defined as a chain that wished to implement “an effective psychological fight against the Zionist enemy”, now his page Web assures that one concentrates in the propagation of “the values of the Islam” and in the promotion “of the culture of the dialog and the cooperation”.

(Efe, 21/08/08)

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