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The JJOO of Beijing are seen of history thanks to Internet
The network of networks and the facility to have information to a click have caused that the hearing of the Olympic Games in Beijing are broken the hearing indices from its origin

It was already anticipated that the indices of hearing of the sport event would be high due to the amount of fans to the sports. But the surprise has been capital thanks to Internet.

An example would be the eighth gold obtained by the swimmer Michael Felps, who was seen in 18 years in the NBC. Thanks to the cyberspace, it is possible to be assured that a total of 1,200 million people (in the hope of final data) saw the inaugural ceremony of these Games the 8 of August.

Although some countries could not follow the Games through vestibules like Youtube - among them, United, the United Kingdom or Spain -, the citizens of these territories could follow the event through the pages Web of the channels that have bought the rights by a millionaire sum. In the case of Spain it has been RTVE, in the one of the United States, the NBC, that have paid about 900 million dollars, and the BBC, in England.

The director of television and marketing of the HAMMOCK, Lumme Thymus, affirmed that “only in China, more than 102 million people they followed the Games in direct from Internet”.

On the other hand, the data of a study realized by Wall Street Journal reveal that a 10% of spectators as much follow the event by Internet as by the television, whereas the immense majority, concretely 90%, prefers to follow the Games through traditional means like the television.

(OTR/Press, 21/08/08)

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