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Russia places in orbit the greater satellite of the world
A Russian rocket Proton places in orbit the North American satellite of communications Inmarsat-4 F3 with a weight of six tons and able to transmit data of voices and broadband to consumers of moving bodies

The Russian rocket Proton was launched to the space to place in orbit to the greater commercial satellite in the history of the technology of the telecommunications.

This it is the first trip of the Russian rocket since a failure of that model the past month of March left to a EE.UU satellite an erroneous altitude.

The vehicle, operated by Services of Launching the International, took off from the space-port of Baikonur, in Kazajistán.

The owner of the satellite, the company with soothes in the United Kingdom, Inmarsat, indicated that she was very trusting of which the rocket Proton will work correctly.

“Been very we have involved in the revision that became since it happened the last fault”, a spokesman of the company said to the BBC.

“Obvious we have made sure that the tests that became were most complete possible and I believe that is right to say that we are satisfied”.

The third version

One is the third satellite of the company that is placed in orbit and looks for to complete the “constellation” that Inmarsat will use in the next decade anywhere in the world to take to its clients its service of high speed in remote telephony and Internet.

The I4-F3 is an immense satellite of telecommunications. The main body is of 7 meters of stop and incorporates a reflecting antenna of 9 meters in width that is unfolded in the space like a ventilator. The solar paddles are of 45 meters.

Both previous I4 was placed in the space by the rockets Atlas and Is Launch.

The rocket Proton of 58 meters in length and 700 tons of weight has been taking with himself satellites from 1996, although its history goes back to the decade of the 60.

Proton has been in charge to send to space missions to other planets, as well as component to the old space station Mir of the Soviet era and to the present Space station the International.

Although Proton is considered one of the most successful rockets of history, in recent times it has had difficulties with the failure of three missions.

The satellite will be located on the American continent to 36,000 kilometers of height in the call belt of satellites in a geostationary orbit.


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