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World TV decides with Verizon the launching 14 television channels
World TV, a branch of GlobeCast, announces that it has expanded his business of content aggregation and rights with the initial launching of 14 of his international channels in Verizon FiOS TV
GlobeCast and World TV will provide to Verizon, recognized like the supplier of televising signal with the fastest growth in the Americas, with acquired rights, contained aggregate, encodificadores and encriptores as well as distribution by fiber. Verizon directly distributes to FiOS TV through the optical fiber but outpost of the nation to the homes and businesses of clients.

This agreement is test of the success of World TV like source of international content for all type of televising platforms in North America.

World TV has access to multicultural content of five continents, including more than 200 channels at the moment available for hearing DTH Direct-to-Home through satellite Intelsat Galaxy-25 in the United States.

World TV is at the moment in conversation with others recognized companies of cableoperadores, broadband suppliers of telcos and television in the United States. World TV uses as the long experience in transmission of Globecast, manager and distributer of France Telecom with 18 offices around the world. In addition World TV has its own team of experts located in New York; Washington D.C. ; Sunrise, Florida and Los Angeles. 

The television channels that are added now are:
    • RTR Planet - Russian
    • 3 KISB x channels - Korean
    • Kuwait and MBT - Arab
    • CTN and TVK - Cambodian
    • BN and NTV - Balkan
    • Public TV of Armenia - Armenian
    • Pro TV and RSC1 - Rumanian
    • RTPi - Portuguese

    (NP, 22/08/08)

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