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Mediapro foretells a great crisis if the TDT in open stays
His president assures that as is designed the audio-visual system, the TDT of payment in Spain is a necessity and, if changes are not introduced, the sector is led a great crisis

The president of Mediapro, Jaume Roures, has augured who will be a great crisis in the televising sector if a system of Terrestrial Digital Television with 40 (TDT) channels that are not of payment, still more with the present fall of the income by commercial spots stays.

As the audio-visual system is designed, the TDT of payment is “a necessity” and, if changes are not introduced, the sector “is led a great crisis”, has warned Roures in Prada of Conflent (France), where d'Estiu has participated in a debate organized by the Catalan Universitat (UCE) on the opportunities of the Catalan culture in the world.

“A system of forty channels in abierto paid by the publicity cannot be maintained”, less even though the sector or is in “a situation of economic crisis with falls of 25% of the publicity in great televisions like TV3, Telecinco or the TVE”, it has alerted.

“I do not know if there is more or less political by the means or somebody hope that close Canal+ to approve it”, but “sooner or later” measures will be adopted to happen to a TDT of payment, has augured the president of Mediapro, producer and shareholder of Sixth.

Roures is lawyer to introduce “more or less imaginative” formulas of payment and “stimulating” contents, mainly of sport or cinematographic scope, to make the TDT much more attractive.

The manager of the company/signature of audio-visual contents has indicated its skepticism that in 2010 the analogical blackout can be produced, in accordance with the little percentage of viewers - in winch to 16% - that at present they use the digital system.

(Several, 25/08/08)

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