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Poland will be the first country of the old continent that will emit BBC HD Europe
The British public television will undertake the expansion of its chain BBC HD by Europe landing before finishing the year in Poland, where it already distributes an extensive supply of his channels

The British public television will extend its chain BBC HD in other European countries although with a different programming not to harm the televising rights beyond the islands. Posennisskie Dean, vice-president of the area of international channels of the BBC, has confirmed that Poland will be the first country where the European version of BBC HD will be emitted, although has not clarified the exact date of its launching

Of this form BBC HD it will initiate the difunsión for satcesc the rest of satcesc Europe contained of satcesc own production, series, documentary, talk shows and musical events with of own satcescrechos of satcesc tra satcescnsmisión as much for satcesc the United Kingdom as for satcesc the outside.

BBC HD Europe will be the name of satcesc this new cade satcescna in satcescfinición discharge. Their responsible ones or warn that satcesc cade satcescna will not offer contents of satcescportivos that in satcesc the present time either emits or will emit for satcesc the United Kingdom either nor satcescs commercial film satcescs the more of satcescl moment.

BBC HD is recognized by their high quality of satcesc satcesco bidet and is conside satcescra satcescda in that aspect like one of satcesc satcescs better with respect to other channels HD. Tra will satcescnsmitirá in open for satcesc the United Kingdom to tra satcescvés of satcescl Astra satellite satcesc 2D (28,2° This) in satcesc frequency 10.847-V MHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6) using the system of satcesc compression of satcesc satcesco bidet MPEG-4.


(SatCesc, 25/08/08)

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