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Mediapro and the clubs analyze the situation of the televising rights
Soccer returns to recover protagonism after an intense summer in sport emotions. After the success of the Spanish selection in the Eurocopa of soccer and the Olympic Games of Beijing, Liga returns the next weekend

And with her, the “war of soccer”, for inconvenience of the fans. Mediapro and some equipment of First and Second meet Wednesday to analyze the situation of the televising rights.

In the middle of July, with the football teams of vacations and Mediapro and Sogecable, protagonists of this “war”, waiting to the 22 of that month, date in which the beginning of the judgment was predicted. Nevertheless, the Provincial Hearing of Madrid corrected the judge who took the fight in the courts by the audio-visual rights of the clubs.

In fact, the car revoked the decision of the holder of the Court number 36 of First Instance that, in last October, did not allow Mediapro to extend the demand against Sogecable and misestimated the adoption of precautionary measures against the same company. And what is more important, it forces the judge to repeat a good part of the procedure.

That is to say, that to practical effects was delayed the opening of the oral judgment by the denunciation of Sogecable that initiated the well-known one like “war of soccer”, freed during Liga passed in the courts, with many interchanges of demands, and in the football grounds, with you cut of signal including.

Liga returns to show by the corner and, as if his shade it was, stingy of its hand also the “war of soccer” returns. Still there is no noise, but the drums already threaten in the distance. Therefore, Mediapro has decided to meet Wednesday with the G-30, a group that groups to the rights of television of several equipment of First and Second, to analyze the situation of the televising rights facing the beginning of the new season.

According to it indicates the producer, the meeting will serve to analyze the “new situation with respect to the operation of the rights”, after the recent activities of AVS/Sogecable, that both organizations wish to jointly analyze “with a view to a possible common decision before the beginning of the championship of League the next Saturday”. Mediapro and the G-30 has signed a contract for the exclusive operation of the audio-visual rights as of the season 20009-2010.

(EP/the World, 26/08/08)

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