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Pink TV prepares its relaunching in the fifth anniversary
The first French and pioneering homosexual television in the sort in Europe has predicted to reinforce its programming from the 10 of October with the aim of continuing growing

After almost five years in antenna, Pink TV is fulfilling the forecasts of its people in charge and back they have been the financing problems that to point were to bring about their disappearance makes a pair of seasons.

Pink TV, that defines as “chaîne du divertissement gay” (the chain of the diversion gay), follows reinforcing and changing its contents ahead, that can be seen under installment through the French platform CanalSat, mesh wirings and ADSL.

Pink TV offers series of success proven like Queer Ace Folk or French and Saunders, great classic or unpublished of the cinematography of thematic homosexual, operas, plays and dance, documentary or a weekly debate that will present/display well-known journalist Claire Chazal. In addition, in schedule nocturne it emits films X, of explicit sex.

The 25 of October of 2004 were born in France, Pink TV, sent among others by the three great deprived groups of television of the Gallic country. Pink TV also began its walking through the satellites Astra (19,2º This) and Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) like additional supply of CanalSat and TPS and through the mesh wirings. Its birth took place in the heat of debates on the marriage of gays or lesbians and with the aim of conquering to a famous public by its fort spending power.

Proprietors of Pink TV

TF1, the channel of more hearing of the country and third great shareholder of the project count on 11.5% of the participation. The other proprietors are, by importance order, their president Pascal Houzelot (30%), Canal Plus (17.5%), M6 (9.2%), the group of Telematics Connection (9.2%) Lagardere (8.7%), the financier Francois Pinault (2%), the fashionable landlord Pierre Bergé (2%) and investment funds.

(SatCesc, 26/08/08)

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