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S2 Licensing sends its campaign of patent DVB-S2
S2 Licensing announces the launching of a campaign of licensing with combined rights of patent in the standardized technology DVB S2 that offers DTVG Licensing, Inc., a subsidiary of The DIRECTV Group, Inc. that belongs by cession to the essential patents of DIRECTV DVB-S2 and to RAI

THAT is on the verge of accepting the initiative and it is hoped that more ahead in 2008 it adds his rights of patent DVB-S2 to those of DIRECTV and RAI, without additional cost for the graduates.

DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite, 2da. Generation) is the second the interactive generation of the system DVB for broadband satelite communications, that includes the digital TV and the transmission to high resolution channels (HDTV), services and the professional connections via satellite.

DVB-S2 allows to the transmission with a speed of transference of significantly greater information (for example 30%) in broadband with capacity transponder, in comparison to previous standard DVB-S.

For comfort of they adopt which it, this license that combines portfolios (that represent at present more than twenty families of patents) is available for all the parts that participate or glide to participate in standard DVB-S2, and provides favorable terms to accelerate the adoption of standard DVB-S2.

For applications appointed the consumer, like the digital receivers multimedia for satelite television, is a license of portfolio combined by a unique exemption of $0.50 dollars by each coder or present decoder in a product by amounts available that exceed the 500,000 during the term the license, and $1.00 dollars by coder or decoder in smaller amounts.
The terms for other applications, like the compilation of digital information via the main satellite, data and the uplink modulation, are offered in reasonable terms and nondiscriminatory and they are order available.

(Agencies, 27/08/08)

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