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New German channel in high resolution through Astra satellite
One is Simul HD that begins to emit in tests and open through 19,2º This of Astra 1F, which supposes the third free channel of high resolution that can attract in this orbital position of SES Astra

Sisatcesc mul HD emits in lasatcesc frequency 11.362-H MHz under the format of compresisatcesc ón digitasatcesc l MPEG-4, with a Symbol Rate of 22000 and one FEC of 2/3.

Although posatcesc r the moment are no official information on the content of this channel, the sight hastasatcesc now make suposatcesc ner of which tratasatcesc of a channel with programming generalistasatcesc. Their presence although is in period of tests and in abierto gratasatcesc is still one to the news for those fans to lasatcesc televisisatcesc ón via sasatcesc télite that disposatcesc nen of equiposatcesc able to receive lasatcesc signal in altasatcesc definition.

And it is that SES Astra to pesasatcesc r of disposatcesc to ner of one imposatcesc rtasatcesc nte amount of channels in HD, casisatcesc all of them comprise of some plasatcesc tasatcesc forms digitasatcesc l, posatcesc r which is necesasatcesc river estasatcesc r paid for posatcesc to der to accede to its signal.

In lasatcesc the present time, in lasatcesc posatcesc sisatcesc ción orbitasatcesc l of 19,2º This of Astra only can captasatcesc rse three chains in abierto in HD and all ellasatcesc s in German language. Tratasatcesc of Art HD, Anixe HD and lasatcesc promotional Astra HD. In addition tasatcesc r is constasatcesc that Art HD, like the mentioned Sisatcesc mul SD emits their image of video under a resolution of 720p posatcesc r which is far from lasatcesc of 1080i. To this it is necessary to add that Anixe HD emits good part of its programming in SD, that is to say standard digitasatcesc l.

In lasatcesc same frequency that Sisatcesc mul HD has activated the Sisatcesc channel mul SD, with the same contents but in format of standard digitasatcesc l.

(SatCesc, 27/08/08)

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