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Russia sends an informative channel of television in English
Russia Today begins to emit through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in a project that it tries to improve the image of Moscow in the world promising objective and interesting information on the country

The channel can be tuned in open through the frequency 10.972-H MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

Russia is a great country that needed to present its position the hearings worldwide, has declared Simonyan Daisy, of 25 years, publisher head of the new channel, that is called Russia Today or RTTV.

The beginning of the channel, founded initially with a capital among 25 and 30 million dollars, arrives after the Kremlin has complained which the average foreigners ignore to Russia. In addition, it reflects the preoccupation of the government as far as his position in the world.

Its long conflict in Chechenia has inevitably marked the image of Russia in the outside. To it they have also contributed both years of battle with the proprietors of main the oil one of the country - Yukos-, the judgment to its founder, Mijail Jodorkovski, as well as the intervention of its Government in the “Revolution Orange” of the Ukraine.

Mikhail Lesin, adviser of president Valdimir Putin and old person in charge of the Ministry of Press, have been one of the main motors of the impulse to the new chain, according to indicated the newspaper local Vedomosti.

The television leans in the resources of the state agency Laughs Novosti and will transmit via satellite the spectators of the old Soviet Union, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Daisy Simonyan, old correspondent in the Kremlin of the state channel Rossiya, has assured that the television will finance through public money and of bottoms coming from commercial banks and to their they integrate it group more than 600 professionals.

A channel of this type arrives at Russia by far delay (it has commented), other countries have already them so he is correct that this one also has one ".


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