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The channels for adults Blue Hustler and Hustler TV available already in Europe
Blue Hustler emits a pornographic programming among others soft, whereas Hustler TV dedicates its contents to the pornographic one it last and at the moment they start through platforms UPC Direct, Digital channel, ITV Partner and NTV+,

One is two chains of the empire of Larry Flint, with one long experience in this land in the United States.

The LFP Broadcasting, of Larry Flint, has signed a contract with the distributer of channels for adults Total Average with the aim of extending their channel for adults in all Europe. France has been one of the first countries in sending itself although at the moment it is not known if some of the digital platforms by satellite as CanalSat and are going it to TPS to incorporate in their supply.

Hustler TV with soothes in Los Angeles was sent via satellite in October of 2004 through Intelsat Americas 7.

The philosophy of Flynt

The pornography is one of the lucrative businesses but as much with regard to its cinematographic production as to its reproduction in other means. Along with the traffic of drugs and arms, they constitute the lucrative activities but of the present century. And as the “business is business” EE.UU is at the top of these three activities, without such fact supposes decrease some in its leadership as it signs defender of “the democratic and humanitarian” values that represent the “western countries”. That better form to defend La Paz that being the major producer-exporter of arms? That better form to defend the sacrosanct values of the cristiandad that controlling the greater pornographic industry of the world. And that better form to fight the drug traffic that being its great banks the ones that carry out the whitening of the money coming from the same while its powerful one I exercise watches its production and its routes, Afghanistan, Colombia, Albania, etc.?

Larry Flynt, is a present personage. In years 70 it created the pornographic magazine Hustler. Their sexual contents much more esplícitos that the exhibited ones in the semi-pornographic one and sweetened “PlayBoy”, brought about the indignation of a hypocritical North American middle-class, becoming thus a personage scandalous and harassed by justice. Nowadays one is postrado in a wheelchair after the attempt of murder undergone in years 80.


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