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Eutelsat is released in stock-market of Paris with losses of 2%
The operator of Eutelsat satellites loses around 2% in his opening in stock-market of Paris, until the 11.80 Euros, in the fourth Public Supply of Sale of titles (OPV) more important between the 62 realized in Euronext

The Euronext groups the bags of Amsterdam, Lisbon, Brussels and Paris.

The company placed 71.67 million titles, which supposes around 860 million Euros. The quoted amount is equivalent to near 34% of the total value of the group after the recent extension of capital.

Eutelsat is the second operator of satellites qur quotes in Euronext, after Global the Luxemburgish company SES, whose opening took place in May of 2004. Of this form, the European stock-exchange operator lodges to two of the three majors groups of satellites of the world. In order to leave to stock market, Eutelsat recovered during the last week the suspended OPV the last month, after France Telecom and Alcatel in unison reduced their forecasts of growth for the year, which caused a loss of confidence of the investors in the business of the satellite communicationses.

Services of Eutelsat

Quick Eutelsat service to about 1,700 television channels and 860 radio transmitters through its 23 satellites. With cover in Europe, Near East, Africa and part of America and Asia, its signal reachs about 120 million homes. Between the television channels that operate with Eutelsat is Cnn, BBC World and Jazeera. In addition, Eutelsat controls 27.69% of the Spanish company of Hispasat satellites.

The exit to Stock market of Eutelsat “abre a new phase in the life of the group”, has assured the delegated adviser the company, Giuliano Berretta. This public supply of sale “will complete the transformation of Eutelsat” that will happen to be “an intergovernmental company to a private organization who quotes in Stock market”, added Berretta.

Eutelsat was born in 1977 controlled by state monopolies like France Télécom or Briton BT. At the moment the top shareholder of the operator of satellites is the company/signature of French investment Eurazeo that controls 38.4% of the capital.


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