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Sci-fi Chanel begins to emit in France
Sci Fi, the channel dedicated exclusively to science fiction, lands in France published by the group NBC Universal Global Networks, forming part of the supply of the digital platform CanalSat

This channel or is present in other countries, like the United States, Great Britain or Germany. In fact, the thematic channel Street 13, that is seen for a long time in Spain, dedicates one of its weekly strips to this sort, with great success between its subscribers. In addition, this channel has activates a page science Web fiction, and either or registered the dominion.

In other countries, Sci-Fi prevails with popular series like “Stargate: Atlantis”, “Galactic Battlestar”, “4400 The” or “Taken”, this last one produced by Steven Spielberg and that tries on the phenomenon of the abductions. Other series that could happen to integrate the Spanish version of the channel are mythical “Star Trek”, “Babylon 5”, “Carnivale” or “Fireply”.

At the moment and in spite of some rumors of months ago, their people in charge have still not been decided to send the channel in Spain in spite of the adept numerosísimos that she would have.


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