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The TDT will be at the moment an evil business, according to expert
The new abierto multi-channel supply in through TDT is going to be initially an evil business that the operators, analogical as as much exclusively digital, will not be able to pay for by means of the publicity

The publicity is fórumula natural of financing of the television in open.

Eduardo Garci'a Matilla, president of Corporation Multimedia, thinks that the initial model will have little repercussion in the advertizing market, since few accede to the TDT, they see except it, and less still they will thicken “share” of each channel. In addition, the market of the publicity faces a very complex immediate future, derivative of two new chains in abierto (Four and Sixth), and the money will not exceed.

In his opinion, it will be necessary to reach a park of two million decoders, something similar to the number of subscribers of Digital+, so that the advertisers begin to see profitable appear in TDT, auqnue would not be advisable to program grandres advertizing blocks, because the effect “shares” would be residual.

According to Garci'a Matilla, one does not hope that beyond the 15% of the time of consumption of television in the homes with decoder he is destined to TDT, and in addition the electronic guide to programming will facilitate to tune the program chosen to the exact hour of his beginning, being avoided therefore the publicity. On the other hand, Eduardo Madinaveitia, director of Strategic Resources of Average Zenith, skeptic is on the possibility that the TDT attracts at the moment publicity due to their low penetration and the segmentation of the supply.

Before it is the analogical business

Also, Madinaveitia said that the progress in hearing of the TDT can be similar to which happened with the launching of the thematic channels at the beginning of the ninety, which eight or nine years in having a sufficiently excellent hearing like beginning took to attract publicity.

Madinaveitia criticized that after seven years to announce the analogical blackout for 2012 and to advance this one in two years really nothing has been made to stimulate the sale of decoders, in comparison with countries like the United Kingdom or Italy. In addition, it affirmed that “the worse way” to secure original programming that it generates hearing and, therefore, publicity, is to give the TDT channels to the existing operators or, “who over everything will continue betting by their or safe analogical businesses”.


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