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The Sixth and Four, the most interested in the purchase of the World-wide one of Germany
Three years after the joint purchase of Japan and Germany, by Telephone which it paid 230 million Euros, the televising scene has given an upset of such caliber that the chains more interested in the World-wide one are the last ones in arriving

Repesca of the Spanish selection, that hardly maintained in vilo to the fans a month ago, was lived with particular Telephone intensity in Contents, branch of the operator in charge to commercialize the televising rights of the World-wide one of Germany, acquired in 2002 by Telephone within the framework of the renegotiation of the rights of the World-wide one of Japan and Korea of that one same year. Now the negotiating equipment breathes calm, waits for supplies, connoisseur of the interest that has generated the appointment mundialista and has fixed a price of exit already: 80 million Euros by the “package” star, integrated by the inaugural party, the end and the encounter that the Spanish selection disputes.

230 million by two world-wide ones. Three years after that one joint purchase of Japan and Germany, by Telephone which it paid 230 million Euros, the televising scene has given an upset of such caliber that, to day of yesterday and slopes of knowing the rivals of Spain in the first round, the chains more interested in the World-wide one are the last ones in arriving at the national market of the television in open: The Sixth, that has not begun to emit, and Four, that the seven of November began its walking. Both will choose to the denominated package of “general interest”, that includes the parties of the national selection and that the law forces to emit in open.

Telephone Contents have not begun officially the sale process and avoid to make declarations on the matter, but sources next to the negotiation assure that in the first conversations maintained with the operators it has advanced who the departure price of the package of the selection ascends to 80 million Euros. This price is considered crazy by the experts, who wait for an important reduction. The repurchase of the preferred option of purchase that had Antenna 3 allows Telephone having the free hands now to close the agreement that considers more advantageous.

Expert sources of the sector of the negotiation have confirmed that Sixth is superinterested. This chain - led by Television and the producers Globomedia and Mediapro- it has reduced importance to his interest by the World-wide one. Sources of Sixth have remembered this newspaper that Telephone not yet has put officially on sale the rights, although recognize that it would be a wonderful thing and hopefully we could buy it, but we do not think that we are around the other competitors to be able to do it. In the case of the Sixth, World-wide one it can be the accolade that needs so that the neighbor communities were massively decided to adapt the collective antennas to catch their signal.

Sixth, that will begin to emit in tests the 16 of December, it has predicted to initiate his regular programming the next spring, in principle in Madrid and Barcelona. to take control finally of the World-wide one, this chain could reach an agreement with the 2 to complete the national cover that demands the law of general interest.

With regards Four, that it has eluded to pronounce itself officially, the consulted sources of the sector confirm the interest of the chain property of Sogecable, that in its first month life has shown one more a weaker programming of the awaited thing. Test of the interest of Four by soccer is that it bid up, next to Telecinco, by the last party of repesca, Slovakia-Spain, finally emitted by Antenna 3.

As far as Telecinco and Antena 3, both condition any decision to the price that fixes Telephone, expert of the difficulty to make profitable a product where the publicity emission is very annotated. In any case, Telecinco has marked its position with the purchase of the drawing.

Antenna 3, in the previous phase. Antenna 3, on the other hand, has emitted all the parties of the phase of classification and repesca that the selection played outside Spain. In 2002, when Telephone one, besides proprietor of the World-wide one of Japan, he was the partner of reference of this chain, Antenna 3 emitted the parties of “general interest”. Then, the price was fixed between 43 and 55 million, based on the evolution of the selection in the match.

With respect to the autonomic ones, they have discarded to bid up by the package stars and will study other options. The last year that emitted parties of a World-wide one was in 1998, when it was celebrated in the United States. Then, they bought the nonsubject parties of the match to the law of general interest by a price that today, eight years later, is unthinkable: 250 million pesetas. By one of the parties of classification of Spain it has only been gotten to pay, seven years later, more than three million Euros.

Finally, a TVE spokesman has assured that we have not resigned to the World-wide one, but whenever to our she allows it budget. Everything aims at that 80 million requested by Telephone move away to the public chain of Germany.

(the Reason, 08-12-05)

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