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They send to first television channel black property in Brazil
TV gives People is the name of this new from Rio de Janeiro channel sent the 20 of November through an initiative of Jose de Net Paula, of 35 years, a successful singer of music MGP and industralist of origin afrobrasileño

Brazil counts on a new television channel, first directed by person of black race and property of these: TV gives People.

I never could be identified and so it saw in the television, said of Net Paula to The Associated Press, when explaining it impelled what it to create the channel. What saw did not comprise of my reality like a Brazilian black, nor represented the racial plurality that prevails in Brazil. These realities are the TV pillars gives People.

TV gives People is not only directed to the black population, added. It is a channel administered by and black property, but its personnel includes people of all the races and is directed to the Brazilian multiracial population, mainly poor.

Although many of the TV employees give People are of white ancestry or Asian, most of the people who work in their studies, located in the district Green House of Sao Paulo are black, which emphasizes one of the main objectives of Net Paula, that is to repair the lack of equality of opportunities that the mass media have given the Brazilian black.

Here, the black will have protagónicos papers, not only secondary like in other channels, it affirmed.

With rare exceptions, the unique papers that the black interpret in the popular Brazilian soap operas spread by other channels are those of maids, gardeners or doormen, and only there is a handful of reporters or black artists who lead their own programs.

TV gives People could begin to change all this, said Bernardine Teresinha, anthropologist and expert in relations between races of the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. This new television channel could become a point of flection in mass media.

He will focus his attention on the black and in subjects whereupon the descendants of African can identify themselves. One hopes that he spreads new models to which the black can aspire and feel proud, said Bernardine in an interview. The people of black race represent more of 60% of the poor men of this country.

(AP, 09-12-05)

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