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The TDT operators warn of the danger of the cheap decoders
The Association for Impulso and Desarrollo of the Terrestrial Digital Television demands to the Government additional budgetary aid to the briefed ones to obtain the implantation of the new technology, that, it notices, it is in the tactically important point of the nonreturn

Thus the president of the Association for Impulso and Desarrollo of the Terrestrial Digital Television has declared it (TDT), Smart Joan, who considers that the implantation of the TDT will not be able to be obtained only in agreement with the forces of the market, but will be necessary that the Executive takes part and who the operators make decisions that are not the best ones for their accounts of results.

In addition, Smart it warned of both dangers main that they loom in the implantation of the digital television, that in his opinion is the danger of the cheap decoders and the one of the obsession by the amount of channels, instead of by its quality.

Smart it explained that the paper of the decoders is fundamental, because the new technology will not arrive by means of the substitution of the park of televisions, natural process that takes around 12 years, but the horizon of the “analogical blackout” --anticipated for 2010-- it will force to make the transition by means of the decoders.

The cheap decoders take to a television of more quality of image and more channels but it is the same television, because it does not have benefits of storage and memory, which, according to Smart, would entail the arrival of a TDT without quality, to lack possibilities of interactivity and new services. In this sense, also it emphasized the importance of the quality of the contents of the new channels against the danger to harness his number, which would the future represent another danger for interest of the digital technology.

For this reason, the president of the association bet to carry out an agreed process based on realistic objectives that the one that until now has been “the history of a failure”, with reference to the experience of TDT in deprived hands corrects, the led one by the platform I want, that it closed in 2002.

In order to avoid this situation, Smart he protested that the transition does not become only in agreement with the forces of the market, and asked to the industralists that act with will of country and not of company, and the Government who makes decisions to correct an unnatural rate. Many economic resources will make lack and we have examples in many countries, that demonstrate that the budgetary contributions must be superiors via budgets of the State, indicated Smart.

(Agencies, 13-12-05)

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