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RTVE wants to make a program on the Spanish emigrants
RTVE requests aid to several ministries so that they anywhere in the world sponsor a new program dedicated to the present time of the centers of Spanish emigrants, that would emit in the TVE the International

In particular RTVE has requested Social aid to the ministries of Work and Subjects and Outer Subjects so that they sponsor the creation of this new public program on watch.

The initiative was dealt in the meeting held in the Ministry of Work with representatives of this department, RTVE and the own associations of Spanish emigrants abroad, who come demanding a space from these characteristics.

The director of Institutional Relations of RTVE, Manuel Rico, said after the meeting that the model to follow to pay for the production of the new program is the one of the adventure of the knowledge that the Ministry of Education and Science sponsors. In the case of the emigrants, would be to emit in the TVE the International a weekly program or three times to the week that abroad reflected the present time of the different Spanish centers. It would be like a Direct Spain, but adapted to this reality, it explained.

In its opinion, the imminent plan of cleaning and the limitation of resources make RTVE nonviable to by itself pay for a program to whose characteristics they would make it impossible in any private chain. Nevertheless, the public being has will to make a public program on watch and quality to take care of this demand. Rico discarded that corresponsalía of the TVE can become position of this program, and would be necessary to study the hiring of services.

(Agencies, 14-12-05)

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