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Private chains reject the reform of Brussels of the directive Television without Borders
Their people in charge express the rejection to the propose reform of the norm by which slight changes as far as the limitations of time and the indirect publicity consider

The Secretary General of the Union of Televisiones Comerciales Asociadas (UTECA), Jorge of the Corral, has defended that the quantitative limitations of publicity for the deprived chains are eliminated, and that is the market the one that regulates the amount of publicity, as it happens in the radio and the written press. Of the Corral he pleaded so that the legislation one exclusively talks about the public televisions, that would have to have an access limited the advertizing market and to finance at the expense of the public State Treasury.

Of the Corral he considers the propose modification like one more a stupidity of Brussels, than the private televisions accept but they do not share. In his opinion, in this new proposal to limit the announcements in television he eliminates other previous measures in the same sense he assumes and them like errors because the European Parliament has realized uselessness of other approved measures previously.

Televisions gratuitous and in abierto would have to have the same conditions that press, that is to say, no, because no newspaper would sell a single unit if it gave only publicity and in the same way nobody would watch itself would occur announcements, concluded of the Corral.

For the director of the association of Means Agencies (A.M.), Luis Antonio Petit, the modification does not happen to be a mere anecdote in a legislative field over the publicity already very penalized. For this reason, he has asked to adapt the legislation to the times and has insisted on which it is more important that this one is made fulfill, matter where in his opinion the advances would have to be directed.

The present limitation establishes 12 minutes per hour of announcements, under penalty of fines to the chains by breaches. According to Petit, the increase of the times of publicity, as well as the contraprogramación, or the breach of the codes of self-regulation on contents, harm to the advertisers and the intermediaries, the means agencies and power stations, reason why it was wondered why new laws make lack if it is not made fulfill those that there are.

For this reason, it has asked in the name of the association, that agglutinates to 80% of the advertizing investment, that is stopped putting boundaries and making noise with the self-regulation of contents, but makes sure the fulfillment the effective norms, to assure the effectiveness the commercial communication.


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