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TV5 changes of name in 2006
The French-speaker chain, spread for everybody from Paris through seven satellites with a hearing in 202 countries, will re-baptize like TV5 Monde à to start off of first of January of 2006

Created in 1984, TV5, the French-speaker chain estatus of world-wide chain wishes to emphasize his and it becomes TV5 Monde from the 1 of January of 2006.

Spread from Paris in 202 countries by means of 7 beams of different satellites (Europe, Asia, Africa, Next East, Latin America and the United States), to which the signal of the Quebec (Canada) emitted is added from Montreal, the chain will begin new year NPC look and programming.

The grill of programs will conserve main the great appointments of the French-speaker chains, insisting on the information that will occupy 6 hours daily of programming.

TV5 Monde will spread as of January documentary of a 52 minutes every day and will produce Land of sports, a weekly review of the sports of all the countries.

Jean-Jacques Aillagon, chief of a main directorate of TV5, already has hurried to announce that TV5 Monde will collaborate with the future French chain of international information (CFII).

The chain will also leave the Cognac-Jay street to install its social address and its equipment in the avenue of Wagram in district 17 of Paris.


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