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AXN continues being the thematic chain more seeing
AXN closed November the past as leader of the thematic channels as much in schedule by day as in Time in totalized results prevails, adding the spectators of the Digital+ platform and cable

The most excellent fact is the increase of AXN spectators altogether day. If in the month of October the channel of Sony Entertainment occupied the second place in this strip, to the closing of November AXN it located in the first position of the ranking of the thematic channels with share of the 4,9% and one average of 907,000 daily contacts.

The data of the month of October or showed AXN as the first channel of prioritizes Time and those of the month of November consolidate this leadership since the channel obtains a quota or share of 6.5% in this strip, obtaining an additional point with respect to the previous month.

As far as its programming, its supply stars siguie being North American series “CSI”, with the opening exclusively of the seasons of the pathologists of Fertile valleys, Miami and New York. According to official sources of the channel consulted by Vertele, the mystery fiction that carries out Patricia Arquette, “Medium” (at the moment also emitted by Four), also has a remarkable pursuit.

Hollywood channel, second in quota but leader in contacts

On the other hand, Channel Hollywood, the channel of cinema produced by Multi-channel, has closed the past November like second option in quota (4,2%) but leader in accumulated hearing of the thematic channels, adding the viewers of Digital+ and the cable operators, with more of a million daily contacts (1.050.000), the best data of hearing since it initiated his emissions.

“The indiscreet window”, “You complete consequences”, “Crazy person”, “Eraser” or “the bonfire of the vanities” seeing in November in Hollywood Channel were some of the titles more. In addition, the channel reinforced its supply with a new program dedicated to the cinematographic present time, “Hollywood Study”, that every week reviews the present time of the billboard with news articles and interviews to the directors and you interpret more representative.

Street 13 completes the podium of honor

The channel of suspense and action Street 13, produced by NBC Universal Global Networks Spain, occupies the third position of the ranking of the thematic channels more seeing in November with an average quota of the 4,2%, tied with Channel daily Hollywood, and 943,000 contacts.

Between his last new features, it exclusively emphasizes the opening of the new version of “Kojak”, the police series carried out by Ving Rhames and Chazz Palminteri that the past emits all the Mondays from October.

It is a production of the North American cable chain the USA Network, that also produces other series of success in Street 13 like “Monk” or “the dead zone”. In its opening in the United States the past spring, “Kojak” summoned to near five million spectators, turned which it into the best debut of the year for a series of cable.

Fall of Fiction Factory

The thematic channel of series of fiction participated by Telecinco (40%), Antenna 3 (40%) and Globomedia (20%) was, until does well little, the second channel more seeing of Digital+, only behind Canal+, and one of the most seen in cable with a quota of the 6,5%.

Nevertheless, from the past August and on the occasion of the preparations of the implantation of the Terrestrial Digital Television, FDF has undergone a considerable reduction since it has been forced to do without the replacement of his series stars, so that these happen respectively to the channels of TDT of 3 Antenna and Telecinco.

FDF emitted repetitions of “Serrano”, “Aída”, “Here there is not that lives”, “7 Lives” or “My adorable neighbors”, sometimes only one week after his opening in the generalist chains. The channel, that the past June turned 5 years, also offered news articles on the running of these series and interviews with its film stars.

At the moment, the channel has had to cover its grill with the replacement with much more old Spanish series like “Doctor of family”, “They are thus”, “When leaving class”, “Pepa and Pepe” or “Ay, gentleman Sir”, among others.


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